Please help me! Connection between bibliography database and entries are broken

Hi there!

I need your help please I tried to solve this issue for days with no results…
I use Ubuntu 15.04. and LibreOffice In the writer the bibliography database and the entries are working fine in the text, until I change the short name in the database for one book or article. After that all the connections are lost, I cannot update or edit the bibliography list I have previously added and the old and new entries are not connected.

The problem is gone if I delete all citation and the list and start over from the beginning. Obviously I don’t want to build the whole thing again with all the references after changing something in the database. I need your help, I am new with Ubuntu and LibreOffice and I am desperate for a solution.

I don’t use bibliography so I cannot help you … other than to say your data is still there so it is probably just a case of reconnecting it.

Have you checked the LibreOffice User Manual to see if it has any suggestions?

Also, click the HELP button on an open dialogue pop-up - it is often more comprehensive than the manual.

Something which often fixes problems with files is to create a completely new and empty document and go Insert > File …, and insert your problem file into the new document. Save the created new file.

LO is somewhat buggier than AOO so it would be well worth while to download AOO and see if that fixes the problem. It is best to create a new user on your PC, and install AOO for that user only, as otherwise they do get a bit confused about which should be used to open which files. If it fixes it, revert to LO and uninstall AOO.

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Thank you very much for your answer! I will try your solution and see if it works.