Please refine "Search" in Calc - implement functions in Gnumeric

I’m not satisfied with default calc search:

  1. it cannot set search all sheets in document on default and also hidden in advanced.
  2. it cannot show multiple entries as well as the exact location of the cells found.

Edit: OK, this not belong here, thank you pointing this out cloph.
I will submit a bug.

note that is not the correct platform for feature requests, please use bugzilla instead.

Feature requests often emerge from questions.uch features can’t be implemented instantly. This one seems like a great addition, probably best discussed on the UX visual designers list: or on a forum which you can refer to in a bug report.


the default calc search refuse to be advanced which is annoying, it do not set search “all” sheets by default

I run LibreOffice Calc - version 3.5 (on Windows 7 - home edition 64 bit).

To get this feature you should:

  1. Press Ctr+H (shortcut) in order to get the “Find and replace” window;
  2. Click below on “more options”;
  3. Click on “search on all sheets”.

From this moment on, you are able to search your data on ALL sheets

I have tried to close Calc 3.5 and to reopen it.
The option to search on all sheets is still activated (no need to click on it one more time) :slight_smile:

To recap, this feature is available in Calc 3.5 as well (not only in Gnumeric).

hi, dude, I meant to say there is no way to set it default, you shall understand how important is default and lack the feature of listing all found items in a visible way. Why not want it to be better. I don’t understand.

@jiero no one is refusing improvements, see my comment above.

I would also like to vote that search in all sheets be the default, or as a second choice, the option be in the initial dialog and not the advanced one. I never search just in one sheet and am constantly having to set it up.

Can’t believe this issue has not been addressed in all this time. Even if the checkbox was move to the default interface it would be a marked improvement. Every time I search I have to go through the routine of Ctrl-H Click → Other Options → Search in all sheets.

I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to the developers that added this feature to the latest version of Calc.
I have some books with 23 sheets and this has saved me so much frustration.

Once again THANK YOU!