PLEASE, rtl language problem


This is an update since some users asking me to clarify the problem.
@erAck Thanks for your replay. Let’s forget the “.” subject. because I have no problem with it. To make it clear, here is the problem:

& I wanna mention something important:


=UNICHAR(8206)&A1&B1&C1&D1 & =A1&B1&C1&D1 —> gives the same results.

=UNICHAR(8206)&D1&A1&B1&C1 & =D1&A1&B1&C1 —> gives the same results.

=D1&UNICHAR(8206)&A1&B1&C1 & =D1&A1&B1&C1 —> gives the same results.

=D1&UNICHAR(8206)&D1&A1&D1&B1&D1&C1&D1 & =D1&D1&A1&D1&B1&D1&C1&D1 —> gives the same results.

=D6&UNICHAR(8206)&"."&C1&B1&A1 & =D6&"."&C1&B1&A1 —> gives the same results.


I do not get this problem when the arabic text is whritten with my own keyboard, as in the line: 13


I do not always get this problem with the other “.srt” arabic subtitles. So, It is the formatting case?


You can download this project from: My Calc Project

Sorry what it’s bad in second column?, maybe =“A20&”.3pm".

Does =CONCATENATE(A20;".mp3") make any difference? It should be the same as yours but…

Could you please define what your definition of “end of every sentence” in RTL is? I’m completely confused if you state “appears at the beginning” showing us .mp3 to appear in both cases on the left side of your cells, which from my understanding of RTL is the end of a text . And in that sense I aggre with @mariosv that =A20 & "3pm." should be a correct RTL text.

Beginning and end in mixed RTL/LTR is always hard… :wink: Let’s agree on visually left (the OP’s beginning) and visually right (the OP’s end). Though I agree that if it turns up left of the RTL text it’s the end…

Thanks for your reply. What I mean is to get these sentences in this form: “RTLtext”.mp3
So that I can do a batch rename.
Sorry it doesn’t help

The tricky part here is that the . dot character is a BiDi weak character with neutral directionality, getting it from the surroundings, so results are unexpected. To force the dot into an LTR context and have the display in an RTL context be like cibarA.mp3 this should do:


In general, to force the direction of portions of text in mixed LTR/RTL scripts you can use the left-to-right mark (LRM) U+200E (dec 8206) and the right-to-left mark (RLM) U+200F (dec 8207) Unicode characters, or for Arabic scripts rather the Arabic letter mark (ALM) U+061C (dec 1564).

@erAck Thanks bro. But it didn’t work. Please see the update

Sorry, but your updated question is now a completely different mix of cases than your initial question, for which the solution I provided exactly worked, at least for what I tried with a mix of Arabic script letters and the .mp3 string (not speaking/writing Arabic myself at all) in a RTL enabled sheet.