Please, suggestions for using a not included language

Hi all!
I’m working with a language that is not included (Ngäbere, aka Guaymí)
What can I do to work confortably with it, apart from selecting “Language=None” so that spell checking does not bother me?
Just being able to select Language=Ngäbere and having a ngäbere.dic where I can manually add words using the contextual menu would be useful)

Thank you very much, exactly what I was looking for.

Bug 66602 - i18n: add language Ngäbere [gym-PA] · Status: RESOLVED FIXED

Please submit an RFE to include the language in one of the next releases, see LibreOffice Localization Guide/Adding a New Language or Locale - The Document Foundation Wiki

In the mean time you could add words to a new user-defined custom dictionary not assigned to a specific language, see Options in the dialogue once the spell-checker found an unknown word.