Please take away captcha when editing your own post

As the title says - please take away captcha when editing your own post. Why would I need captcha when editing my own post - to prevent spamming my own post? I don’t get it - I make like 3-4 mistakes in the damn captcha before I can post my own edit to my own post, and each time, the entire damn page reloads before it tells me “An incorrect CAPTCHA solution was entered.”

to prevent spamming my own post?

Yeah, I think you’re running into a spam-control mechanism. Spamming your own posts may seem counterintuitive, but if you imagine that you’re a spammer and your goal is to get spam content up on the site, then that’s an exploitable method.

I believe if you have enough karma, you should be able to skip the RECAPTCHA for most posting activities, but perhaps editing a post still requires the use of a captcha.

Your question turns out to be quite interesting.

It’s true, most CAPTCHAs are hard to read, though the one used on this forum isn’t the most difficult I’ve seen. Perhaps that’s inevitable because the idea is to confuse character/shape recognition software; the human eye and brain rely on exactly that functionality for reading, and one could imagine that “performance” in this respect may vary between individuals.

An alternative and perhaps preferable system asks you to type only one character: “what number is two plus four?” or “what’s the third letter in ‘hexadecimal’?”.

End of neurophysiology discussion :-))