policy configuration in linux


Is there a way to lock down LibreOffice’s configuration in Linux? I know this can be done in Windows via group policy (and there’s a template provided by Collabora Office), but what about in Linux?

I combed through documentation and existing questions here but, so far, no luck. I’ve seen something in Mozilla about using JSON files to control Firefox this way in Linux. Does anyone know if this method is available, or at least something similar?

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure what you mean by “lock down configuration”.

Every user has her/his own set of basic configuration files in:


Additionally, a lot of configuration is stored in the document file itself.

If you want to have a unified “default” setup, a script to copy a " master" configuration to the local user configurations during login could be an idea.

I suppose unified “default” setup would be equivalent to what I described. The JSON files (which I mentioned above) described by Mozilla need to be stored in the user config files to prevent end-users from altering Firefox settings from the UI like you would via group policy in Windows. I guess I was looking for a way to push those config files to every user on all machines. I did think about scripting but just could not find any guidance anywere, hence I asked around.

You may find something in the OOo Administration Guide, most should still be applicable to LibreOffice as well.

A programatical way was described at the OO wiki’s DevGuide and its subpages but their wiki is broken and delivers an empty page for that since ages. However, archive.org’s WaybackMachine holds a copy.

Other than that, for enterprise support I’d suggest to contact one of the companies providing professional support.

Thanks for the answer. I’m just the (sort of) IT department at home so the professional support option is not feasible, but I will check out the links you provided for the OpenOffice admin guide. Hopefully that meets my needs.

Greatly appreciated!