Poor Performance with LibreCalc

Hi Team,

I have an environment with LibreOffice and Microsoft Office 2013.

All users are working fine with this environment, but some files that we’re saving with ods standard have a poor performance in LibreCalc. In a fact, Librecalc needs 1 Gbyte of RAM for soffice.bin process, instead, in Excel we need 190 Mbytes. The ods file have 10 Mbytes and it’s builded without graphics. Also Cells has a simple MULT operation (with floating point).

Do you know a correct way for configure LibreOffice with best performance?

I opened the same ask on a Spanish forum and just we have found a possible solution (For Windows Environment):


  • Delete de old profile in %APPDATA%/Libreoffice
  • Install LibreOffice with minimal capabilities (without all dictionaries or OpenGL).
  • Configure Memory following last link.

I hope that this steps can help you if you have the same issue.