Popup Form in modal mode?


I have some instances of a form opening on top of a calling form. I remember from Access there is or used to be some modal property which meant you have to close the popup before returning control back to the calling form. Done a bit of searching but did not come across anything on modal. Is there such a thing in base, if not any known work around?

Thanks for your thoughts.
Edit: added png of popup form


You stated:

Done a bit of searching but did not come across anything on modal.

This is quite surprising as I just entered Modal in the search bar and many results popped up.

Aside from that, your terminology is not correct. It is not a ‘popup Form’ but rather a ‘Dialog’.

Modal and Non-Modal is determined by the Parent being set. Modal has the form (or document) as the parent and Non-Modal has the DeskTop as the Parent.

Now you can create a dialog in two ways - use the IDE to create one graphically or create one entirely through code. Each of these can be used in a non-modal fashion but each requires macro coding.

The following are links (possibly containing other links) with further information and there are samples:

Calc BASIC: How to popup a dialog ?

how to compose dialog invisibly?

how can i set DesktopAsParent for a dialog in a library?

Hi and thank you for the swift response, however sorry about the semantics, I have several form which I pop up over an open form as shown in the edit. I have no idea how dialogs work, but sure will have a look into the links. So from your answer I take it no can do with forms.
Thanks anyway.

ahh just done another search and all it shows is dialog with the exception of my post.

Yes - your popup is still just a form. Maybe MS refers to it as popup.

There may be something deep in the internals if creating a form from code alone but no recollection of anything specific.

Also note, a dialog is not data aware. This means all data to/from the database must be moved through code.