Portability for book writing from OSx Pages : paragraph losses

I wanted to post a problem. I am a writer with a 750 page text, that is until I transferred it with copy and paste from a MacOS Pages document, when it became 600 pages, because all the paragraphs were left out. I wonder if there is a dedicated transfer program between these two, or another way to program a transition between the two? I was depending on this program as alternation to generating the page numbers and index for my work, but if it loses all the paragraphs it is not workable.

Thank you for your help in this,
Laurence Williamson

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Can you not open the Pages file directly in Writer or is import filter still missing essential functionality?

I don’t use Apple Pages, so only have very short, limited examples for testing the LO Writer import filter.
My understanding is that there are still a number of import issues.

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SOS Thank you for the sugestion and I just put the .pages document through the Mac OS File - Open – yes it does the same thing to 750 pages of work I feel that it is critical to place into Libre Office. I wonder how I could call on the code writers – for them it would not be a difficult thing to manage.

The best thing to do is to report each import bug separately in the LibreOffice Bugzilla instance and flag up the filter component, and provide a test document that displays the problem.

The Pages filter is part of the Document Liberation Project, separate from, but complementary to the LibreOffice project, and there are occasional improvements made to the filter.

However, it is not as easy to do as you seem to make out, the Pages specification appears to be undocumented (or at least not publicly accessible without signing all sorts of Apple NDAs, so everything has to be reverse engineered by trial and error.

SOS: (1) It would be good to have a resume of all the transfer defects between OSx Pages and Libre Office, and if there is a debugged program, or steps, one could employ. (2) Then for making an Indexes, my first qualm is about LibreO mirroring some foundational programs that publishers use for the task. I guess there are specialists in your team on this, otherwise, I have been told that WORD is the only program that could do this. Further, to create an online version of a searchable text, I will as well need to generate at least a hypertext index (and table of contents) that conveys to the specifics, and I suppose that is pretty easy although I would have to go through the whole book. This is also a book on some computational aspects of CogSci. (3) As I previously suggested, it would be good if the publication would be most useful in myriad ways to .linguistics in computer science, and could be available to channel some finance into the DocFoundation (more extensive help if given) as well as other organisational charitable purposes it was written for.

The Writer handbook / guide might explain how to create a hyperlinked index / ToC.