Portable App version of LO (no 64bit?)

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I really enjoy using LO office and I really appreciate the features it has and I have learned alot of python while processing data in LO. I try to keep my LO versions updated as much as possible. One downside is that when I download LO portable version, it seems that only the 32 bit version is available. Will there every be a plan to make a 64bit portable version available? Thank you.

This is old, but note the PoV of @JohnTHaller, the creator and maintainer of LibreOffice’s PortableApp package. Maybe something has changed in the meanwhile…

There are an another portable version: the WinPenPack portable. It has 32 and 64 bit versions of the LO:

These are not created based on the the latest Still and Fresh versions…
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Note: the main download link is 32 bit on the linked pages, there is a smaller, red imaged link below: that is the 64 bit download…

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thank you very much. I really do appreciate your help.

Hi ztminhas. At the moment, we only make LibreOffice Portable available as 32-bit packages. We have 4 packages, a multilingual standard (with the most common languages) and a multilingual all (with all languages) for both Fresh and Still.

Most apps we distribute are the 32-bit packages as they will work on Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit and Windows ARM. For most apps, there is no advantage to using the 64-bit package over the 32-bit one. For apps where these is a requirement (system tools that use separate drivers for different Windows variants) or a distinct advantage (7-Zip will handle large archives about 9% faster) and the added size is worth it, we’ll package a ‘dual mode’ app with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions and automatically switch between them. At the moment, LibreOffice doesn’t fall within this rule of thumb.

If there is a specific use case and advantage to using the 64-bit version that we may have missed, please let us know in our forums and it may be considered. This also might change over time as users and apps move on from Windows 7 (which had more 32-bit installs) to Windows 10 (mostly 64-bit) and 11 (64-bit only).

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I am working in a Windows 11 shop where everything runs on 64bit. They have both 32 and 64 bit oracle drivers which helps. However, their version of MS Office is 64 bit only. Which means in order for me to take advantage of 32 bit drivers i have to save Excel for example to an Excel 97 format for example. This has led me to request if there is a 64 bit version of LO.

The inside structure of the documents (.xls/.ods, and .doc/.odt) is not depends on the 32/64 bit version of the editor/creator software.

Otherwise if you must work MS file types continously, then you need MS Office.

I use excel data as a form of recordset/resultset.

32 bit version of libreoffice does not support 64 bit excel odbc driver (I am useing pyodbc).

You use a python macro in LibreOffice (portable) to open Excel-files via py-odbc ?

You have to admit you are not the average user for LO portable.
Why do you prefer a portable Version of LO here?

I use portable LO because my organization will not allow me to install software which requires admin privileges for installation.

It looks like there’s an XY problem; and even though @ztminhas already got direct answers to the question (both about PortableApps policy, and about alternative portable packages), it looks like extracting the context information piece by piece finally shows that the actual problem could possibly be resolved by using Connect to an existing database → Spreadsheet, and using the resulting ODB, which doesn’t require any architecture-specific ODBC drivers.

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