Portable Draw


I’ve been looking a bit for “separate components” of the LibreOffice suite, without much success.
I’d like to have just Draw, instead of the whole package, in portable format.

Is this available anywhere? Could it be made, if not?

Thank you.

I think on most GNU/Linux distros, you can easily install the components separately, e.g. on Debian: sudo apt install libreoffice-calc

What OS are you on? What would the purpose be of a separate Draw? What exactly are you trying to do?

If you are interested in a standalone program similar to LibreOffice Draw, I can really recommend Inkscape or Scribus also, and they’re all available on PortableApps for Windows/Wine.

Sorry, forgot to mention that.
I’m on Win 7.
The purpose is to be able to handle Visio files on different PCs (including the newer extensions i.e. .xls vs. .xlsx) from customers who do not allow any external software to be installed, yet do not have a Visio license in their machines.
This proved extremely troublesome, as I hadn’t been able to find a solution that was both portable and free. I’ll look those up. Thank you!

Hello! Chiming back in to say that Inkscape has problems dealing with .vsd files and Scribus can not open them at all, so, if other options are available, that would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

Perhaps use LibreOffice Portable then?