Portable Libreoffice and Libreoffice UNO SDK C++

Does anyone know if these two work together on Windows?

I have written a program that works against the full version but our clients have Libre Office Portable installed and I am failing to get my program connected to Portable LibreOffice. I am getting a NoConnectException. Before I dig down any further I would like to know If I should try based on whether they do work or not? I have seem many questions about it not working on the Portable Libre Office website.

Have you looked around the Wiki? Perhaps an article about UNO or the SDK would help you find out whether your dependencies are included in the Portable version or not.

I feel like I have looked everywhere - no-one has definitively said yes or no that I can see. I sent a tweet to @Ask.LibreOffice.org on twitter and they said to raise the issue here.

Have you looked at/enquired on the forums at www.portableapps.com? I believe they are responsible for the portable version. Also, I had en employer whose SOE (windows xp) would not allow installation of uno.exe because of the card game of the same name. Portable libreoffice would still work but without certain connectivity.

It seems to be working - I did ask the same question on Portable Apps website. The program I wrote fails to open ( a txt file ) or save ( as odt ). I can open a blank document and pass the text ( via the SDK ) to a running LibreOffice but it fails on the save with a ErrorCodeIOException error code 2074 and no message text.

I finally got it working on windows I needed to prefix files with “file:///” on Windows and “file://” on MAC. Also path seperators need to be unix style.

Yes it does work and is compatible.

Can you please guide that how have you connected to Portable LibreOffice using SDK?