Portable LibreOffice Features Missing

On the download page for Portable LibreOffice it says what it has, but nothing about any lack of functionality.
This is much more important to know if people are going to try portable version.
I tried their Mozilla apps and they were an all around pain.

So what functionality is lacking in Portable LibreOffice ?

Also, the normal registration for this forum does NOT work – no matter how many times you try or how much scripting is enabled.

Mozilla software I am using is Thunderbird with Lightning added in and Firefox. Of thunderbird I run (often updated, of course) exclusively the Portable version by PortableApps.com from a thumb drive with no serious problem for years now. Firefox I use mainly in an Win 8.1 installed version. But I sometimes tried successfully the portable version, too: Woulsd you mind to specify what pains you suffered?

Found no way to import / export profiles.
No interactivity between PFF & PTB.

Seems like need to know info.
Hopefully someone familiar with the regular LibreOffice and who has tried the Portable can offer some comparison.

I’m running (with regard to my contribution in forums) On Win 8.1 installed version of LibO and, as need arisess, at least 4 different portable versions of LibO and AOO. I sometimes even run 2 or 3 versions at the sam,e time. No problems.

Good no know.

There is (if not a mistake occurred during the preparation of a specifix .paf.exe) no restriction of functionality. You only get offered a smaller version including less languages, while the standard version is always completely multilingual.

A minor issue may also be the installation of the offline help. As there is (afaik) no specific package for the portable versions you will have to unpack the help and place it into the proper path manually. The path is “{some base folder}\LibreOfficePortable\App\libreoffice\help\en-GB” for the English (GB) help files e.g.

Great. Thanks for the comparison. Will definitely give it a try.
Wondered why the size difference, but language files for an office app makes sense.

A related followup question:
If wanting to utilize / import a bunch of MS Word macros, should portable version be just as capable as the full install?

@q555 An urgent question in return: Did you ever try to convert a nontrivial VBA subroutine to the BASIC/uno (with its ways to access objects / structures / services) available for one of the descendants of the late StarOffice: OOo, AOO, LibO? If not: Prepare for steep learning. I didn’t much of it, and first of all I don’t know much about VBA / MS Office.

There shouldn’t be a difference concerning “portable or not”.

See. http://en.libreofficeforum.org/node/7505 : API / macros …

First thanks very much on where to place help files. DL’d the “LibreOffice_4.3.6_Win_x86_helppack” MSI and placed them there… Worked like a charm = very helpful :wink:
And good info on macros in the help files…
Thanks also for that link / more in depth info on MS Macros. Will dig into that if needed. Most of my macros are fairly simple, so hopefully won’t turn into too much of a chore. Appreciate the warning.