Portable version of just Writer?

Is there anywhere that I can get a portable version of just Writer and not the rest of LibreOffice? Thanks!

Why would you need such a version?

Please read this thread https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/2464/singular-download-question/, specially the comments on right answer

Thank you tp all for the comments. I am using Windows. To answer the question about why I would need such a version… I only want the word processor, I don’t need the other programs. And I would like a portable version so I can use it without installing and/or from a USB stick, etc. I prefer to use portable apps whenever possible to spare the registry and drive from files and entries that may not be needed. From the link I see that currently there apparently is no such version.

You can if you have Linux o.s. You can uninstall other application.

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Is there a portable version for Linux really?

@gabix: No. But the (presently only 32-bit) PortableApps packages (and the platform itself) will install and run on Wine under Linux. (I only tested with Kubuntu, however.)
@charlie.it: Are you sure? From my experience I would judge you only can throw away the additional launchers. For V4.4.5 eg, these occupied just 480KiB of filespace alltogether. (As compared with >290 MiB for the content of ‘App/libreoffice/program’ you shouldn’t tamper with.)
I did not yet test http://appimage.org/ .