Portrait -vs- landscape are working, but in reverse

When my MacBook Pro was overhauled, I lost MSWord, but the repair person replaced it with LibreOffice
I’m a writer / teacher & thus far I’m fairly happy with LibreOffice ( wish it had more fonts … such as Garamond … but that’s another story …) But, now ------------

I have a series of documents to set up for two-column, landscape mode which I wish to email as attachments

The files are saved as .docx

I go to Format → Page → Orientation & selecting Portrait button, the image to the right ( above Paper Tray ) appears as landscape instead – and says the width is 11 & the height is 8.5 … and the file prints as landscape.

And vice-versa: selecting Landscape in Orientation results in the image to the right being portrait, and printing as portrait

Is this “normal “ ???

Also — I think – one is set as Landscape, prints as landscape ( even ‘tho the image to the right still is in portrait ratio ) but it’s getting late and my mind is turning to melting wax

I’d like to put out this fire and get all my ducks in a row ASAP

I appreciate the commons coming to my support Thank you

This is caused by wrong “custom” page size. Usually you just switch page orientation. But sometimes Word instead swaps page dimensions (width and height), keeping “orientation” mode same.

In same window as page orientation, you can either select predefined page size, or swap dimensions by hand, and you’ll get page orientation synchronized with actual height and width relation.

Thank you, LogicDaemon

Setting it up by selecting Landscape orientation and then adjusting the dimensions by hand works.
( I don’t know where “ predefined page size “ is – nor what “ Custom” page is )

Have a wonder-full weekend

@nobodhi by “pre-defined” and “custom” I mean paper format dropdown box with (A4, A5, B4 and etc page sizes). They’re predefined. In your case, that was “custom”.
Also, please, mark my question as correct if it’s one :slight_smile:

@nobodhi hope this explains better: http://imgur.com/cPGSJlw