Possible bug in LibreOffice Base

I’ve noticed when using LO Base that if my system is using a dark theme (folders shown on a dark background) then it will not be overidden in Base. Consequently when looking at a Base table with Linux set to a dark theme the whole table data is blacked out and the table is unreadable. But with the other LO apps such as Calc or Writer you can adjust the background in the normal way with Tools/Options/Application Colours and set a white background, but for some reason I cannot get this to work with Base.

However if I switch to a light Linux theme (folders on a white background) then tables in Base become readable. Is there any way of fixing this as I prefer using dark themes as I find light themes can cause too much glare after a while.

Please, basically you have to specify the LibreOffice version (three digits, e.g. 7.3.2). Thanks.

Edit your initial question, to do it.

Do not use comments for this.

Editing a database is only possible with the background of the system. So you have to switch the color of the font used there.

Use forms for input data. Here you could set the background and the font color as you want.