Possible file types for converting the to pdf, which ones?

Can I convert the following extension files to pdf from LibreOffice?
Please separate possible and not possible files and answer.


Thank you.

From SAS File Extension - What is a .sas file and how do I open it?
What is a SAS file?

Program written for SAS (Statistical Analysis Software), a group of applications developed for data modeling and analysis; contains SAS program code saved in standard ASCII text format; used for executing processes or jobs within SAS programs.

So, yes, you could but it would be just text. Probably similar for some of the other formats.
You might be better off by:

  • Printing from the associated program to PDF using one of many pdf print drivers available.
  • Exporting from the associated program to another format that can be opened by LO

Cheers, Al

Zip is an archive and no a document, it is not possible to convert one to the PDF.
Sas&sas7bdat I never saw this formats, maybe it is some file from some special aplication and no a documents.
Csv it is possible open in Calc and then export to PDF.
Xml it is only txt file with <xml> marks, so if you want to convert it to the PDF, then the result could be the strange file with the <xml> tags & text.
Xpt I don’t know this format.

Look for a “virtual pdf printer” for your operating system. Then open any file type that is printable with the appropriate application for the file type. Print the document and choose the virtual PDF printer. PDF is a virtual print-out. Anything printable can be stored as a PDF. Any application with a print command can print to a virtual pdf printer.