Possible fill down date bug in calc

I nearly got caught out by this one. If it is a bug, it’s due to expected behaviour rather than “this program can’t do maths”.

I was using fill down to create a list of dates a month apart, but as I used 30 as the day number, the fill down function skipped February. In Excel 2007 SP3, it didn’t skip February, instead it put the highest valid day number for February for that year.

Tested in LO 3.5 on win64.

Steps to reproduce:

Enter 30/12/12 in the first box, and 30/1/13 in the box beneath that, then select both cells and use fill down.

There is bug about this with resolved status, but I think you need a version 3.6 or up.

Autofill - Date - Months’ wrong if day of month exceeds max. days of month

At least 3.6.7, 4.0.4 or 4.1.0