Possible to auto-populate cells dynamically based on other cell value?


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Possible to auto-populate cells dynamically based on other cell value.

Example: A cell value has eight(8) possible fields with values…can libreoffice calc look at this cell, and populate eight(8) successive cells with a value of my choosing?

I have a chart that has different ranges of values that are linear, i.e., numbers 0 through 8, or 9 through 13, or 14 through 17, which changes based on the lookups I have for a “minimum” and “maximum” value.

In this case, selecting the first would show a total of nine(9) values, or cells, that are populated by my calculations.
The second option if showing min value of 9 through 13, which means five(5) values, or cells would be populated by my calculations.

The remaning function would search through those dyamically created values for a particular value I am looking at from a mathematical calculation.

Welcome, Chuck! Yes, it can be done in Сalс. May I ask you a favor? Pretend that you do not know anything about the problem and read your question again - did you understand everything? Please edit your question, shorten the topic name to one line, tell me where and how you look for the beginning and end of the range, how you want to see these values 0…8, 9…13, 14…17, attach a sample table to the question. … And then, most likely, you will receive a detailed answer that will help you solve the problem.