Possible to change color of the find highlighting?

When using the Find function in Writer to search for something, the results are highlighted. The highlight color is a pale, almost translucent green (that’s the color I see). This color is difficult to see, particularly when the highlighted result is swimming in a sea of words on a page.

The question: Is it possible to change the color with which Find highlights found items?

Note: I am asking about the color the Find function uses to highlight a result. I am not asking about changing the highlight color that users choose and apply directly to selected text.

LibreOffice use the system color scheme when possible, that means that the background color for selected text (either by direct selection or through a search function) is determined by your OS settings. So no, you cannot change that from LibO, you need to change the system settings. In my Plasma system it’s a light blue, for example.

Thank you, RGB-es, for the information. It makes sense that Writer would use the OS setting rather than complicate the matter by defining within the application for a particular color for highlights. One other item that I did not communicate is the Finder highlights are temporary, not persistent. This also makes sense because a document that’s been edited until the last period is in its proper place would wind up very difficult to read.

Not solving, adding. I would like to darken the highlight so it is easier to see. Currently the highlight is very pale and, as the OP said, translucent. It takes real effort to make it out in a complicated document or table. Does anyone know how to darken this highlighting? I saw a solution proposed elsewhere, but it seemed to be for a different version of LO and the instructions did not tally with what iIsaw on my screen.

As mentioned, highlight color is defined by OS (which you didn’t mention in your case). Use OS settings manager to change.

HI Thanks for your reply. I have Mac OS 13 and LibO I can get a bit better result using General Preferences and selecting Maraschino colour, but it still requires zooming to be seen at all clearly. If I could find a way to reduce the transparency of the highlight, it would be great.

Defined by OS? So why do Opera and LibreOffice give such different results on same system?

not having the option to change the highlight color is Bullshit and just lazy programmers.
What good is it if you can’t see it?