Possible to macro?

This is a “problem” I had with OpenOffice and now with LibreOffice.

I am a writer. I have a custom dictionary for each project. That way weird spellings or slang from one doesn’t pass in another. However, I dislike having to go to Tools>Options>Language Settings>Writing Aids then change the dictionary. Since I work on several projects at once, often on the same day, this is a pain in the ass. Yeah, sure, it’s just a few clicks but it harshes my mellow.

So before I learn how to do a macro, is such a thing possible? Have a macro auto-switch dictionaries, I mean? Or add the dictionaries to the toolbar in a drop-down menu? Or something? Anything?

Possibly you could create separate user profiles per project instead, and add shortcuts to your desktop for the active projects. That way, you could even have several projects be open with corresponding settings simultaneously. Just copy/create a normal shortcut to LibreOffice (this is OS-specific), and modify it to mention new user profile (if not existing, it will be created).

soffice -env:UserInstallation=file:///path/to/new/profile

Feel free to comment the answer to clarify details.

I am pretty sure it is possible to write a macro to do anything you could do manually.

I like the profile option. But how the heckaroni do I create a new user?? I’ve gone through the wiki but it mentions only on creation and if corrupted. Still looking though!

As I mentioned: please use comments to discuss detail - that depend on your operating system, which you didn’t specify.

As this is not an answer, I ask you to remove it, and continue in comments to my answer. Please mention which OS you use; and I’ll try to help you with exact steps.

Note that there’s no need to create new users; only new profile (which is just another directory in some place of your choice; you could e.g. create a dedicated directory in your documents, and use that directory as home for different LO profiles).