Possible to set Chart's Data Series name to constant?

While creating XY (Scatter) charts in Excel 2000, I’ve become accustomed to setting the “Name” of Data Series to appear in the legend in a way I can’t seem to do in LibreOffice

Sometimes I set names of a Data Series to a constant that is more meaningful (and less concise) than in the source sheet (or that would fit in the title bar of the source sheet or that is needed there since there is a different context on the source sheet). For example, I may enter:

="Inflation Adjusted Value"

into the Name field of a Data Series entry.

When I try this in LO, it appears to work (the legend is updated) BUT when I save the .ods document, exit, and reopen it, the change is lost and the series is now named ‘Column X’. [This is actually annoying – it shouldn’t be accepted if it won’t be saved, indeed NOTHING should be accepted that can’t be saved in native format or, at least, the save operation should warn it will be lost].

The question is: Is there some form of syntax in LO that will allow me to do this without putting the desired series name in cells somewhere (such as a “constants and values” sheet) and referencing them – thereby creating a bunch of artifacts that are unnecessary and confusing to future maintainers (including me in two months)?

I can not reproduce you issue.

Does it work the attached file for you?

Spreadsheet with chart 1.ods

This works, but it isn’t the same situation - in this example, the Name for Range is ‘$Sheet1.$B$1’ but in the case in the question it would be something like ‘=“Percentage change tipe”’ to specify a constant Name rather than a reference to other cell(s).