PostgreSQL NUMERIC inconsistency

In one particular business use, I’m using LibreOffice Base ( as a front-end to a Postgres (10) database (via SDBC on Debian sid). In designing my tables, I make extensive use of an unqualified NUMERIC type. That is to say, I use a NUMERIC type with no specified precision or scale. In Postgres, that semantic means that the database defaults to permit max precision and max scale. However, without specifying scale, Base appears to not permit me to enter decimals. It displays them just fine.

Is there some way to coerce Base to permit me to enter decimals into Postgres fields defined to be NUMERIC in this way? There seems to be a mismatch between Base’s types and Postgres’s, and this is causing me some grief. Not a big deal to me; I can just write inserts like normal. It’s just a really odd behaviour that I wish didn’t happen.


Agree that with exception of displaying a value, this is not working. Possibly never implemented. See no open requests for it. You can request change here → Bugzilla