Powerpoint files crash in impress

I have the latest stable build of Impress, running on Linux Mint 19. If I open a Powerpoint file in Impress it opens fine, but when I click to play the show it launches the first slide fine, but as soon as I try to go to the next slide it freezes and crashes the program. Sometimes, very rarely, it will advance to the next slide, but verrrrrrry slowly. I have tried this with multiple different files in both odp and ppt file formats with the same results… any idea why this is happening?

Which LO-Version do you use?

I am using 6.0.6

Try updating to LibreOffice 6.1.2:


i use but i have same problem what to do?

File a bug report :slight_smile: and attach a sample crashing presentation.

Did you try Safe Mode to assure that the problem isn’t caused by a corrupt user profile?

Some time is crashed but I open any ppt/pptx type file then it very slow to open and one pop widow open and two options 1.force to out and 2.wait

like the this photo