PPT or PPT Template to Impress ODP issue with text (background?)

I have tried to move both a ppt and it’s template to Impress, it nearly works but I have 1 issue I cannot figure out and need some assistance.

Version =, Impress, English
Ubuntu 14.04

In Powerpoint (2010) my text looks like:-


If I try and move the ppt to odp or export the ppt template and import it into Impress, or copy the text from ppt to Impress it always looks like with what appears to be a white background on the font:-


I have checked the font details, styles etc but I can’t work out how to make this appear as it does in ppt. Any pointers or tips?


Our devs are doing ongoing efforts to create filters for MS Powerpoint and other applications but MSO is a bit a moving target.

I also started with my old ppt-templates and observed similar problem. Then I quickly create my own templates in Impress format and all is fine for me. This would be my proposal to you.

What follows are some comments about my experience and ways to avoid problems.

In respect to MSO formats, I stay always until the end in LibO native formats and only create a MSO copy of the last saved version and still try to avoid the x-formats. Additionally I made the experience that a pdf-file is in most of my cases sufficient. Many people send out files in MSO or LibO or other formats when a pdf-file is sufficient. Depending on the situation you can even secure a pdf-file against copying and changes. The pdf-export function in LibO works very well. (I am using 4.3)

In the case of presentations I am also often asked to provide a ppt or pptx copy as a fall back solution is something happens with my PC or connection of my own PC is not possible, etc. For this I always carry a USB stick with a portable LibO version on it and my presentation. All I need is PC to plug the USB stick and can run on LIbO my own presentation.

Many thanks for the guidance.