I am using the following command to convert ppt->jpg
'libreoffice --headless --invisible --convert-to jpg <file.ppt> --outdir

Is there a way to give a custom name to new file?
Is there a way to resize the new image? (for example 200x200)

Thanks a lot for your tips!
Had trouble configuring unoconv; Thats why thought of the --convert-to alternative. But was able to get unoconv working.

Hi @pppphhhhpppp. Thanks for letting us know how things worked out for you. Could you please (1) Edit your answer and add a little information on how you got unoconv working (it might help others who read this question), (2) Then mark one of the answers as the ‘correct answer’. Thanks!

I’m not sure if the output filename or imagesize can be specified as parameters to LO, but you could certainly make a script that would take the name of a given PowerPoint file, an output filename, and a desired image size, and perform all three steps in order for you. Something like this:

$ ./ppt2jpeg.sh my-powerpoint.ppt my-output-image.jpg 200 200

If you’d like help writing a script that could perform this kind of operation, please leave a comment below.

The convert program is a part of the ImageMagick package. It can do all kinds of image conversions, resizings, etc. If all you want to do is resize the image in a separate step, after the conversion, you can change your image to 200px x 200px using the following command:

$ convert -size 200x200 my-image.jpg

To preserve the correct aspect ratio, when using this particular script, the input image must already be square.

There’s also an extension that can be used to export a presentation to jpg


That extension allows you to specify the desired size.

Another built-in way (you can choose low, med (800x600), high resolution) is to File → Export…

The key is not to export as JPEG → that will only save one slide. Rather, export as HTML. And you have to click through some prompts, but it will batch convert ALL the slides to JPG. You might have to delete a lot of extra HTML files, but you’ll get all the slides.