Presentation: modern HTML5 and JavaScript slide


I’m using LibreOffice 6.1.2 to prepare “classical” presentation. Some slides have big tables that do not find on them. I cannot use small font since the tables become unreadable.
I tried to convert the presentation into HTML format and the readability is increased a lot.

So after some searches on the Web, I’m starting to think that “modern” presentation made of HTML5 and JavaScript are more suited than classical plain odp presentation.

Then, I found this big collection of modern HTML5 and JavaScript framework. Does libreoffice provide something similar? If not, do you suggest one of the listed framework?
I analysed in detail:

The latter seems the simplest and best option. Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you

Well, you could export slides as HTML and maybe use that format as input for modern HTML5 and JavaScript presentation, but it’s not something LibreOffice support by default. Commenting other software is out of scope for this site. You would get so much better answer on ask-sites or forums for mentioned software respectively. Maybe you could split table on multiple slides and mitigate some of HTML5 presentation features?

Thank you for you reply. Yes, I’m thinking about using auto generated HTML slides from odp and then to use shower to improve them.