Presenter console only available with an auxiliary display?


One quick question: is the presenter console (presentation mode) available when working with one display?
Documentation: Using the Presenter Console

See also: tdf#33495 and

I don’t know since which version this is possible, but in current daily build it works:
Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Advanced > Open Expert Configuration
In part org.openoffice.Office.PresenterScreen, part Presenter you will find a line
Presenter StartAlways false
Double-click it to toggle to true. OK.

When you now start a presentation, it will start not the normal show but the PresenterScreen.

In addition the setting in Tools > Options > LibreOffice Impress > General
“Enable Presenter Console” is related. After you have enabled “StartAlways”, you get the normal show, when “Enable Presenter Console” is off, and get the PresenterScreen, when it is on.

So yes, it is possible but a little bit tricky.


Indeed, that’s in since long and apparently is also used if the reported display number is greater than available screens (was also used with full screen presentation spanning all available screens but from code that is now caught before). I forgot about it.

No. As the help you linked says:

The Presenter Console works only on an operating system that supports multiple displays and only when two displays are connected (one may be the laptop built-in display).

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Three displays? I can’t test that. Maybe the help must be corrected.

From code: only when at least two displays are connected.

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