Presenter mode, when presenting to window

Hi I am using zoom a lot more these days. And I would like to start my slideshow to a window, but also be able to view my notes. Is this possible without the use of a dual monitor?

Looks like something similar exists for MS office. Screen sharing a PowerPoint presentation – Zoom Help Center

Thank you.

Apple has added a “play slide show to window” to Keynote. I would like to play slide show to a window which Zoom could watch and still have the control panel with presenter notes.
This should not be hard. Two screens should work: one with the presentation (which zoom will display) and another with the presentation management window.

This will awesome feature. Unfortunately LibreOffice, when I adjust “Slide show settings” to “In a windows”, it hides everything at that new window, even notes. That is pretty useless.
I would like to do presentation in a new windows, while keeping current LibreOffice windows AS IS.

Is that possible?