Preserve formatting during drag and drop.

Hi, when I drag and drop cell data the formatting moves with it, so I’m constantly having to reformat cells after moving the data from them. Is there any way to stop the formatting moving with the data? Copy is no substitute as you can end up with a mess which you have to try and untangle every time. Thanks.

Copy is no substitute

But what about cut?

Hi Mike, cut does the same thing - it removes the formatting.

Hmm… it sounds confusing. “it removes the formatting” doesn’t describe well what you want to say: you wand to “preserve formatting” - of the target place (as I read your question); so does “it removes the formatting” mean “it removes the formatting of copied data”, or “it replaces the target formatting with one of copied one”? Did you try Paste special->Unformatted text?

@mikekaganski - as far as I understand OP wants a real move of all content of a cell (with formats) whilst untouching the existing format of the source cell but deleting the data (This sounds like a Move special: Copy everything but cut only content without deleting formats). To achive such thing now requires: CTRL+C, move to target cell, CTRL+V, move back to source cell, DEL. AFAIU OP wants to elliminate the last two steps "move back to source cell, DEL". From my perspective this sounds like a feature request.

Sorry, I’ve just seen Mike’s reply. Here is an example to try. Format a cell to a long date format showing month name and day. Select the cell and the drag the data elsewhere. The original cell, that it came from, now reverts to the default format of short numerical date. So, in practice, you may have a vertical list of dated entries which you need to rearrange. Dragging and dropping is the best way to do this. But after you have dragged the data the remaining now empty cells need reformatting back to the way they were, before you can reuse them. Thanks.

Hi Opaque, I’ve just re-read your reply and yes that is correct “a real move of all content of a cell (with formats) whilst untouching the existing format of the source cell but deleting the data”. Thanks.

CTRL+C, Del, move to target cell, CTRL+V

This seems still to be an issue without a solution. At least I could not finde one. Created an account because it annoys me so much.

Source cell always loses conditional formatting when drag&drop or cut a cell.

An other way to check: it does modify the “Conditional Formats” range every time.

But adding a comment to an old thread wil neither help nor read by developers.

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