Preserving formatting when exporting to plain text

When I previously used MS Word, and exported a Word doc to Plain Text (.txt), there was an option in the save dialog named “character substitution.” This would preserve the half-inch paragraph indents created by the text style in the resulting plain text document by inserting several single-space characters there in the resulting plain text document. How can I replicate this preservation of formatting when saving from LibreOffice into a plain text format?


AFAIK there is no option for this, sorry.

You can try the following workaround: use Find-Replace to add spaces or tabs to the paragraphs formatted by these styles. For example with Heading 1

  • EditFind & ReplaceOther options: tick Paragraph Styles
  • Find: select Heading 1Find All
  • Tick Current selection only▸tick Regular expressions▸untick Paragraph Styles
  • Find: ^.
  • Replace: \t&
  • Replace All