Pressing Enter Creates Page Break only in One Place; Can't Delete It it

Pressing creates a new paragraph throughout the document as expected, except in one spot. In this one spot, pressing creates a page break. I can remove the break, and the document looks fine. If I then close the document and reopen it, the page break returns. Only in this one spot. The other paragraphs are well behaved.

I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of this one page break. I have even copied the text in a basic editor, removed the paragraph break, and copied the text into LibreOffice. All looks well until I close and reopen the document. The page break returns.

I am running Linux. The document is a .docx file based on a template from Amazon. (Yes, I am writing a novel.)

Typical causes of “rogue” page breaks are in the settings for paragraph format, specifically the “text flow” tab. Normally it is applied through the use of a paragraph style.

It is quite common to use settings such as keep with next, don't split and insert page break before in the heading styles. If you are not conscious of the significance of styles, you may have “forwarded” the heading style to a non-heading paragraph. Changing appearance by direct formatting will not clear the text flow setting applied by style.

Using a “foreign” file format is also known to cause problems. I don’t see how this could cause behavior as described, but checking is easy, so it should be worth a try: Save as ODF text document and see whether the issue persists.

If this leads you nowhere, give us a file to work with. Copy the offending paragraph with a few paragraphs before and after, and paste to a new document. Verify that the issue is carried over. Attach that sample to your question.

… and please file a bug report with the minimal reproducer that you created as per advice above by @keme. Of course, a page break (re)appearing on save-and-reload is a bug.