Prettyprinting broken?

I can no longer (in version of writer) get prettyprinting of the XML in the saved files to work. I did set /org.openoffice.Office.Common/Save/Document/prettyprinting to True in the expert settings, but it doesn’t have an affect. I know this feature has been discouraged, but has it finally been removed? I had found it very helpful. I know I can run it through various external programs, but it was really handy to open an ODF file in emacs, open an XML portion, and examine and edit and save it directly.

Am I missing something else I need to do to get pretty-printed XML in ODF files?

Did you restart LibreOffice after setting the value in expert settings? After that, pretty printing works as expected for me (tested in

Maybe the flat XML ods spreadsheet format (fods) allows to do it easily