Print a specific page from a multi-page document

How do i print a specific page from a multi-page document in libreoffice?
I have a “2013-calendar.odt” which consists of 12 pages: one page for each month.
How do I print, say only page 6? Or, say: just pages 7 and 11 from such document?

What Operating System are you using? In general, from the File | Print menu you should be able to select which pages, to print.

Page 1 to 3 plus page 6.
Hyphen set a group of pages and comma is the separator for pages or groups of pages.

If I click on the print icon, it prints immediately. I have to select the print menu to get this window.

Maybe you are using a bit older version. With 5.x versions the print box it’s called clicking the icon.