Print all installed fonts

I Would lika to print all installed fonts in an “Font-Book”.

I remember there was an macro or extension in Open Office some 10-15 years ago,
I have searched but not found any solution för Libre Office today.

I’m runing Debian Stable. FontMatrix is supposed to do what I’m searching for but is not available in Stable.

Any other tool?

// regards rbh

It seems to me that you want to find this macro - Listing 3. Writing fonts to tables on page 4 of this book - AndrewFontMacro.odt (or any of the other ones listed there)

Thanks a lot. Quite a weth of information to grasp (I have not in many years benn working wth macros…)

Hello @JohnSUN! Please give a discription of how I should use this document?
There is a lot of code in it – where should I past that very code?

Read and push buttons.

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