Print directly only one sheet PDF Calc

I have three sheets in LO Calc and when I click Export as PDF from toolbar, all sheets are exported to PDF… is it possible to export only current sheet?

PS. I am aware that I can go to File → Print and print current sheet as PDF or go to File → Export PDF and then select page 1 and 2 to print…

I have exactly the same question as Ljijan. I want to do what he does. The option of Export as PDF and doing the settings every time is clumsy. Would it not be possible to edit the settings used by the ‘Export directly as pdf’ command?

This question helped me to find the function “File → Export to PDF” which was just what I needed since the button “Export Directly as PDF” exports all sheets instead of the current sheet.

You can add an Export to PDF button to the toolbar (as opposed the Export directly to PDF button that is there by default), which will launch the settings dialogue, if that will do?

Failing that, all I can think of would be to create a Macro which would call Export to PDF with your custom settings, and assign that to a toolbar button.

Select the cells to print, then choose File/Export as PDF. Un-check the option to Embed OpenDocument file on the General tab (this activates the Range options) then set the Range to Selection. Then Export.

There are other ways to do this that may be more appropriate if you always want to export the same print range.

I know… but still, it would be nice if there is Export Current Sheet Directly to PDF :slight_smile:

It would be REALLY helpful you’re right