Print from Impress

I created a single slide in Impress, but when I try to print it, only about the bottom 1/4 of the slide shows on the preview. The image in the left pane looks fine; it’s in landscape mode, but when I print it out, it’s in portrait mode; if I could get it to print in landscape mode, I think the entire slide would print properly.

I’ve tried shutting the program down and restarting it, same issue. I’ve also tried creating a PDF and printing that, which predictably prints exactly what shows in the print preview.

I’m connected to a wireless Brother printer, but I don’t see the options there that I normally do to choose landscape or portrait. The only thing that seems to work is to take a screen shot and paste it into a word processing page, and print that.

Choose menu File>Print.

In the Dialog choose Paper size “A4” and Alignment “automatic”.

Hmmm, I wonder if it’s my old Brother printer (2013!)?

That’s not at all what I see from File>Print. I should have said I’m on a Mac, Catalina. I can’t seem to paste the image of what I see (like you did!) and don’t see an option to attach a file.

Thanks for trying though! :wink:

Maybe check Brother to see if there is a newer driver for your printer.

But the “Print” dialog here depends on LibreOffice.

Therefore you should install a new LibreOffice version.

Download LibreOffice

I might have the same issue.

Since a recent update, MacOS LibreOffice Impress is missing the function to set landscape/portrait in the File > Print dialog and its sub-menus.

All slides are set to landscape but are printed in portrait by a Brother HL-5470DW printer. MacOS 11.5.1, LibreOffice, Brother Driver Version 2.0.

Update: Printer model and driver is not relevant. An HP printer exhibits the same issue.

Misery loves company, I guess. Seems like this software now being programmed by Microsoft - Nobody programs for anyone on a Mac anymore. But thanks for letting me know I’m not alone.

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In the screenshot, what does the More button next to LibreOffice Impress do?