print has very large margins

Everything I print on writer has two inch margins at top, bottom, and right side. Left margin is OK. All text shows, but very small. Same whether I’ve created it myself from scratch, or a file created by someone else and sent to me.

I have a Canon MP272 on Ubuntu 16.04

I’ve looked at CUPS, printer settings in individual files, and the system settings, but I can’t track down the cause. I did change a cartridge just before the problem started, but I can’t think that would cause it. Only other change was an update to LO.

I do very little printing, but it is starting to become a pain! Any suggestions as to where else I could look? I was thinking of switching to OO, but that seems extreme.


Have you checked the page style, as JBF noted?
After export to PDF file format, is the printout (pdf reader) the same as from LO? If pdf file fails this would be a general printing problem; if not, it may be an LO problem. Test it and write back about the result…


Margins are defined in the page style. See menu Format > Page or press F11 and select the page style you want to modify.

If you want the changes you made be used for every new document, you need to define your own default template.

I’ve already checked those things. I’ve removed LO and replaced it with AOO on one of my laptops, and that has cured the problem. I see LO has just issued another bug fix update, so I’ll see if that cures it on my main laptop.

It may be that you use the default paper format, which is “Letter” (it was, in my case). Just change it to A4, or whatever your printer paper format really is. Thank you!