Print-preview-like normal view?

Hello. I update a 50 page file regularly. It’s all landscape, all 0.50" margins. Lots of screen clips. Hard page codes to fix the contents of each page (better when working with a lot of clips). It’s been working fine for months.

Today I made it full-screen, and suddenly the appearance is like print-preview mode with 2 pages in the window (first clip below). But I haven’t changed any view settings other than full-screen. When I take it out of full-screen, no change (second clip). Other existing files are normal. Creating a new file from the New-document icon (with the problem file open) is normal (third clip).

I saved the file to a new name for testing. Shut down LO, opened it again, still a problem. Restarted the machine (Dell 5 5500 new in January), no change. I printed the first 2 pages, and it printed normally!? So only viewing it for editing is off.

Any insights will be appreciated.

See the status bar in your screenshots.

image description

See LibreOffice Help on View Layout.

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That did it. Don’t know how I changed that setting. Thanks!