print problem

i’ve downloaded LO recently and when i tried to view my document in print preview it crumpled like this
i’ve tried to print it and it comes out as it shown above
but on pdf export it seems normal

what could i do to fix it? i’m using windows XP btw

(edit: activated screenshots -AK)

From 5.3 to 5.4 the font handling was changed. Please try, whether you get the same problem, if you use a different font. Which font is it in your document and when was the font last updated? BTW, XP is rather old and will no longer be supported in LO6.0.

i’ve tried arial and another font but it was the same.
yes i’ve downloaded LO6 and it can’t be installed on my XP :smiley:
now i’m trying to downgrade to LO4.4.7.2 and fortunately it’s works well.
thanks for your answer

When you are in the print preview, look at the button to the left of the red cancel button. You can drag it to plus and minus to see the document better. I tried this on a document I have loaded. The default size looked similar to yours, but sliding to the plus direction made it very legible.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Jim Smith