Print Range Empty on Print Preview; Exports Blank PDF

Nevermind - I finally figured out a way to do it.

I am trying to print a simple ODS form in LibreOffice Calc. (not hard in MS…) onto one sheet of paper. Its a mere 5 lines with 15 columns, with very little data in each column. – When I export to PDF; it will not allow any preview and only exports a BLANK document. – When I try and Print to PDF; it will allow me to print the data on a landscape page; however, it takes up over 4 pages. Even though I’ve selected all of the proper settings to only display on one page. – To try and fix this; I wanted to use the Print Preview feature where I am supposed to be able to adjust the “zoom” on the document and make it fit. – When I select Print Preview; it returns the error PRINT RANGE EMPTY. I have tried multiple ways from highlighting fields and right clicking in hopes to obtain a Print option (which there isn’t) and there is no other way that I can tell to “select a range” for the Print Preview feature to work. – I would appreciate it if someone would please help me regarding this information.

Side note: It took 10 minutes to fill out information to create an account and verify it just to ask this question. Seems excessive to force me to do this; especially when time is of the essence to fix this problem and print this file…

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