Print Ranges fail to Save

Since at least 7.2, defined Print Ranges do not get saved with the ODS document.
Mainly work in Ubuntu, but same behaviour in Windows 10
Is there a setting to make it stick? Or is it a bug?

Sheet is bigger than a portrait A4, so it gets assigned a Print Range to cover it, and the the page Style is set to Sheet > Fit to… > 1x1 pages

When the document is re-opened, the Print Range needs to be defined again each time.
Since these are Invoices and Quotes, this is a real pain to do every time.
It used to be saved with the document.

Yes it is.

I’ve just seen that it actually does save the Print Range, as it is correct when doing a Preview or direct PDF, however on the Spreadsheet itself, it displays the page delineations (grey dashed lines) incorrectly.