print telephone format on a label

after creating a spreadsheet of data, registering it with Base, creating a form label, I can print fine, all data intact but the telephone number has lost its formatting and appears as a 10 digit number.

what is the easiest way to bring that format to a label?

thanks in advance. don

You must set the phone format in the Report Builder or Form Builder. You can for example create a custom format. Example Report Builder:

Thank you for the reply. I was able to solve my issue, as it turns out the problem was the formatting in the original document that I had been provided with that contained the phone numbers.

a) by copying the data requested for the labels
b) opening a new spreadsheet and formatting the needed columns to text
c) pasting as “unformatted text”

I was able to paste in the data and the phone numbers retained a “phone number” format.

Thanks again.