Printer defaults Debian 8: can' t find file spadmin

Platform here is Debian 8 with a PostScript printer, hp 2100M.
The menu
File:Printer Settings: Properties : Device : Printer language Type
always shows “Automatic Postscript (Level from Driver)” and I have
to set it consistently by hand to “Postcript Level 2.”

With previous distros, the printer defaults could be set using the
program spadmin. Unfortunately, I can’ t find this program in my
installation of Debian 8. More specifically, it is not to be found in
the directory /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/

Thus questions.

  1. Is spadmin included in the Debian 8 (Jessie) distro, and if so
    where can I find it??
  2. Would copying spadmin into Debian from another old distro
    provide a reliable solution to the problem.

Thanks in advance to any one who can help

Duplicate of this question.