Printer Help

Hi, my mom just downloaded the latest version of Libre Office on her computer. She has a Windows 7, and an HP printer. Now when she tried to print a document today she had to wait forever for the printer to get to work and actually print. She ended up stacking multiple print requests on top of another accidentally when they didn’t go at first. Now, when she looks at her printer’s functions, it shows there is the document she has to print, but it’s still not going. This issue appeared suddenly after downloading Libre Office, so I doubt it’s the printer having an issue. What else could it be? Could one of the default settings be incompatible with my printer?

You wrote “This issue appeared suddenly after downloading Libre Office, so I doubt it’s the printer having an issue.”

Have you tested, if other Programs can print?
Check the printer options: Is the printer “active” /stopped /offline…
Is the printer connected by cable? Can you print a test page from the driver? Wireless prints are sometimes faulty if the connection is bad…

Win10 received a lot of troublesome Updates on printing this year, but this should not affect Win7 much, but sometimes MS even updates Win7…

My mother has since uninstalled Libre Office and she’s printing again without a hiccup, so it confirms there is no issue with the printer. She is using Open Office again, her old word processor. I believe the printer is connected by cable.

You won’t be able to print until the queue is freed up again. Open Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers[your printer] click to view what is printing, then in the dialog click Printer > Cancel all documents.

That will clear the queue but it might be worth clicking Start menu > Restart to restart the computer and clear any debris from memory.

You have an HP printer so you might as well download and run HP Scan and Print Doctor from their website to check everything after the computer has restarted.