Printer will not print .odt documents

Using windows 7 and LO Writer will not print an .odt file to my HP printer.This has been happening for some time (months) and I have been hoping that somewhen an update of LO would cure it.
It is a LO problem.Drivers are up to date as of today.Prints Ok from other programs and I know I can use a pdf workaround.
Pressing Print option gives printer selection screen and all looks well but when you ok the print there is a brief flash of a Printing box window and that is all that happens.
Is there a setting or option that I am missing?
Thanks in advance.

I have windows 10 on dell and I am having the same problem. what could be the problem. should I reinstall my printer again.

It sounds likely to me that something is corrupted in your LO Writer. I would uninstall LO, then download and install a new copy.