Printing a name to a pre printed certificate

How do I add a name to a pre printed certificate ?

Write the name you want on a blank sheet of text document (Writer), use Format - Paragraph - Indents & Spacing to move it to the desired place. Print the result on a blank sheet of paper. Place this sheet on the certificate form and check if the position of the text does not coincide with the desired place. Change the paragraph format. Repeat the required number of times. Place the certificate in the tray of the printer and type the name in it place.

(I admit that you did not mean a pre-printed form, but its electronic representation, a scanned image. In that case, edit your question and give us more information about the task.)

I thought there might be a more precise method.
I have scanned the certificate and I thought I could put that image on a doc . Then type the name in a text box in the right place, then remove the image and just print the text on to the certificate.

If you scanned the physical document, store it as a PDF. Then open this PDF file in Draw, the drawing application of the suite. Add then text box(es) with desired text in it (them). The text boxes can be positioned anywhere with the mouse.

When done, print the Draw document.

I will try this tomorrow :ok_hand: