Printing a PDF file from a dynamic link

Hello guys (again !),

I am running LibreOffice-fresh on top of Arch GNU/Linux uptodate

I have a Libreoffice Calc file with 10 tabs in this file.

Is there a possibility to include a PDF file so that when printing the complete Calc file, the PDF is also printed ?

But, 1/ The PDF file is a « dynamic » file, outside the Calc file, and could be modified outside Calc.
And, 2/ When priting this tabs Footer should be printed out.

Is this possible ? Found nothing is the Documentation.

Thanks again

There is an option to insert any file like pdf as OLE object, but if there is more the one page, not easy to accommodate it.
After insert, to resize the inserted document view, double-click on the object and drag by the bottom-right corner.

Many thanks.
It works fine!