Printing - bypass tray option

Linux Mint 20 with LO 6.4.6

In most programs e.g. Thunderbird, Brave, Text Editor, etc the bypass tray is an option for the Paper Source (Paper Tray) configuration. While In LO it is not always there as an option.

For some printers I have:

For a Sharp MX-C301W the bypass tray option is not shown

For a Xerox WorkCentre 3345 the bypass tray is shown.

I’m not sure of the root cause for the different behaviour, but if someone could help with a work-round or fix I would be grateful.


I found this question where another Sharp printer is involved.
A PPD issue?

How’s your printing configured? CUPS? Which version?

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Linux Mint 20
CUPS 2.3.1-9

Can you tell where you expect the option? I have configured a Sharp MX-C301W (without owning one, I had to twist a bit CUPS).

In File>Printer Settings, Properties button, the paper tray menu is disabled. I may have chosen an incorrect PPD: the one I opted for is “Foomatic/Postscript”.

If you print, as far as I am aware, from any other program, you will see an option for Paper Source (or Paper Tray) which will list the Bypass tray.

I tried with KWrite and okuler (PDF viewer) and I have even less options than in Writer.



Then this means CUPS talks with the printer to retrieve the exact configuration of the trays. As said, I have no such printer and can’t help beyond generic advices. Sorry.

So the question would be: Why is the dialogue different from LO than another application?