Printing Calc rows in seperate blocks

I would like to print out the contents of a calc spreadsheet in seperate blocks, seven rows per block. Is that possible?

You mean - each block on a separate sheet? Perhaps you are looking for Sheet - Insert Page Break?


Thanks. That works, but is there a way to do this automatically. It is a large sheet and it will take a long time to insert them by hand.

Is there a specific attribute for where the table is split? Or should the program focus only on the number of lines in the block? Is it necessary for a one-time printout or should it work all the time? The fact is that another approach to solving this problem is possible - to redefine the print area in such a way that only one block of lines gets there and send only this one block for printing. Then shift the print area and repeat until all the data is printed. Here, on this resource, simple macros that perform such work have been published several times. Perhaps a mailing list tool could also be used to solve the problem.

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The data will have to be printed more than once. The data can be split everytime a certain value appears in the first column. I will look at a mail merge solution. Thanks for all the help!

If you upload an example of such a file and explain the pagination algorithm, then the problem can be solved with a macro.